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Your success is our success.


Engaging, energetic, influential. We’ll bring our energy, experience and compelling ideas to address your needs. We help solve public relations challenges and marketing goals for clients who want affordable solutions.  Our business is nimble and can help you reach your audience quickly via social media campaigns and communication tools that work.


                                                                                                       Steve Warburton /  President & CEO



Our company helped draw 100,000 people to a YouTube video on the Otter Lake landfill raising awareness

about the value of recycling. We help clients reach their goals – and audiences.


We offer various marketing solutions tailored to the clients who need to deliver a message effectively through the right medium. Most of all, we have fun creating it, working with you and demonstrating results

Social Media, Videos, Writing

Celebrating Communities

Community Foundation of Nova Scotia

Conference Public Relations

Celebrating Communities 2009 Government of NS   - Logos

Celebrating Communities 2011

Silver Economy Summit 2010

Power of Green 2010





Media Training

Nova Scotia School Board


Political Leadership Candidates

IWK Physician

Quinpool Road Business Association – Karla Nicholson

Graphic Design

St. Francis Xavier Student Book

Colchester County Recycling

Spryfield Action for Neighbourhood Change



Ten years ago, Steve Warburton founded a dynamic little public relations and marketing company.  Today, clients say working with Warburton Communications brings enthusiasm and creativity to their PR, Marketing and Branding needs.


Experience means projects start quickly. Strategic and original, we offer the same resources as bigger agencies. Our long-time relationships with graphic designers, brilliant writers and dazzling digital wizards, means we put together the best team for your project.


With 30 years experience, Steve offers a unique combination of skills.  Tried and true, Public Relations experience in both the private and public sector, we offer which led him to start a company with an emphasis on listening to clients and offering the best possible strategic action plan.


His familiarity, as a Communications Director with the Nova Scotia government, means we can guide clients through the government process. And knowledge gained as a producer/reporter with CBC Television means we can anticipate how a media issue will play and how to best prepare for it.

Media Relations


Need to talk to the media? Stage fright? We offer the training and experience to help you get your business’s message across.


Organizations including the IWK Hospital, the provincial government and NSCAD University have benefitted from our unique approach to nailing your next media interview.


It is truer today than ever, in our communications-crazed society, if you aren't making your point. Someone else is probably making it for you.


 In a crisis, a plan - and the ability to deliver it – is essential. With more than a decade in the media and many examples to share, I can coach you and your organization to increased success.


Isn't it time to prepare?



The traditional marketing approach relies on the 4 P’s – price, product, place and promotion. Marketing guru Seth Godin suggests a fifth – the Purple Cow. Be unique, be yourself - be purple. We agree.


In our fast-changing world, standing still is not an option. Business owners, association directors and other leaders are looking for ways to survive, and thrive. Technology is changing the landscape daily. Trends are shifting. Social Media is exploding.


We can help you manage your future. We listen, we look to the past, and we help you navigate the days ahead.


Let's talk; let's get to work.



Helping clients make a splash with a new logo, a new poster and a new website is how we help.

Carpenter Millwright Trade College

Saint Francis Xavier University

The Municipal Group

Otter Lake Community Monitoring Committee

Eascan Building Systems

United Way Halifax

Health Association Nova Scotia

Spryfield Action for Neighbourhood Change

Barrington Wealth Partners



Keltic Petrochemicals

Public Relations


At Warburton Communications, your challenges are our challenges. We get to the point quickly. There aren't too many public relations situations we haven't seen from every side.


You make have been disappointed before – by a big name, high cost and slow service PR firm. You may be in the middle of a crisis with nowhere to turn. We offer seasoned strategic counsel. We offer a fresh approach.


We know our way around public relations. We speak the language and can easily translate for you. Whether it is a plan, or a quick implementation, we can deliver.


Let us bring strong ideas to your project. Isn’t it time we talked?



What is your company, or organization, worth? We are talking about its value. The bottom line, yes, but the bigger questions – what do your clients, and the public, believe is your reputation. What impression are you making in our business world.


Our branding approach discovers strengths and builds on them. It can drive your business plan or offer a key piece in moving forward.


So if you are looking for a new name, an updated logo, then we have the experience to meet your needs.


We will ask the right questions. We work with you to move your organization forward. We offer the communications talent, design ability and brand panache.



Here from those people we’ve done business with.


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